Black Box Music (excerpts on youtube)

History of My Instrument

(for prepared harp and video, performed by Sunniva Rødland Wettre, m4v-file)

Study for String Instrument #3 (cello, Jan Halvor Haraldsen)
Study for String Instrument #3 (guitar, Corey Rae)

Run Time Error (@ HOTELbich / Brussels)

(video installation / performance - mpeg, excerpt 5 min., 61 MB)

Next To Beside Besides #0+4 (UmeDuo, youtube)

Study For String Instrument #2

"Door Intro" from the Kamikaze Version of Self-reflecting Next To Beside Besides


rerendered with quad video
(mp4 file : 23 MB)

[sproglyd] ([language sound])
(interactive web-page in Danish/Norwegian)

loloopop (visuals; Carl Krull!) excerpt 1
loloopop excerpt 2 (quicktime-file : 8,2 MB)