Next To Beside Besides for amplified solo instruments or ensembles +


Choreographic Translations

Next To Beside Besides is a series of "choreographic translations" (translations of the movements or actions, rather than an instrumentation of the resulting sounds) of the piece Beside Besides for solo cello, which is itself a modification of the ending of the piece Besides for three amplified instruments and three dampened instruments. All translations can be played solo or together in any combination simultaneously as ensemble pieces. Solo versions or combinations can be played alone or after each other as movements or between other pieces in a concert (or on different concerts) as ritornellos. The cycle will continue on the internet, where studio recordings of the premiered translations can be heard solo or in any combination, later extended with an interactive web-translation, called Above Next To Beside Besides, and more.

(Read about the concept in the text Next To Beside Besides - a "re-cycle".)


The Family


Besides (2003) (18')

for amplified piccolo flute, piano with whammy pedal and violin plus dampened string trio.


Beside Besides (a.k.a. NTBB #0) (2004) (4')

for amplified cello solo.


Next To Beside Besides #1-9 +... (2005-2006) (4')

for any combination of amplified double bass, saxophone, accordion, percussion, piccolo flute, violin, piano, guitar and a silent version for close-up camera +...


Self-reflecting Next To Beside Besides

Two or more translations performed by the same player with video; the second translation played together with a video recording of the first, the third translation played together with a video recording of the second performed with the video recording of the first, etc. Other instruments can be added - only criteria is that at least one player should perform live every time together with a video recording of him self performing a different translation.

For now there is only material for a percussion player to perform combinations of the versions for percussion, piccolo and camera with video. Several more alternative versions are planned for all strings, guitar and percussion.


Future Generations


Above Next To Beside Besides (2007)

Interactive web-piece / "Virtual Sinfonietta". Meta-work in the sense that it displays general ideas behind the series. Interactive in the sense that its a web instrument ideal and easy to play a translation of NTBB on or to improvise on or compose for. Will include various didactic elements as well.


Around Next To Beside Besides

Translation of the movements in Next To Beside Besides to spatially staged sinfonietta. Can be performed by itself as an ensemble piece or with any of the solo-translations in front as a solo concerto or with a combination of solo-translations in front as a concerto grosso. The instruments can change positions/parts and in this way generate various different versions.


Behind Self-reflecting Next To Beside Besides

Continuation of a performance of Self-reflecting NTBB into a room-installation (three projections of pre-recorded video and one live-projection of the spectators watching the installation).